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Best Periodontal Therapy available at our The Dental Hub Ahmedabad clinic:

periodontal therapy

Considered tobe the gold standard for gum disease treatment, scaling and root planing work to remove plaque and tartar from areas above and beneath the gum line. Since at-home brushing or professional cleanings won’t be enough to stop extensive gum disease, scaling is performed to effectively reach these areas. Root planning works to smooth out the tooth roots, making it easier for them to reattach to teeth after the gums begin receding. In order to effectively remove plaque and tartar without putting too much stress on the gums, scaling and root planning treatments are performed every three to four months.

You would get best Periodontal Therapy in our The Dental Hub Ambavadi Ahmedabad. You can get basic and the most advance treatment with full guidance.

best periodontal therapy

When gum disease is extremely advanced, it may require a surgical intervention called pocket reduction surgery. During this procedure, the gums are actually lifted from the teeth and the underlying bone is smoothed so that the gums will fit tightly around the teeth without pockets. The professionals at The Dental Hub are highly qualified and equipped with latest technology to diagnose and treat the gums. This treatment is done with lasers, which gives excellent results.

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